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Since 1997, Dr. Peter Gastaldi, chiropractor been helping patients just like you, suffering with pain related to many different causes.

With an extensive background in chiropractic, neurodiagnostics, and pain based conditions, Dr. Gastaldi is uniquely qualified to alleviate symptoms associated with a variety of conditions.

We are located at 94 McClean Avenue on Staten Island, offer early morning, late evening, and weekend hours to fit your busy schedule, and accept all insurance plans.

Below you will find specific information about our services. For more complete information - follow the link to the corresponding page.

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As a chiropractor, Dr. Gastaldi is trained to diagnose and treat "neuromusculoskeletal" injuries and pain. For the most part - pain, numbness, or tingling anywhere in your body makes you a possible candidate.

Hundreds of patients like you have consulted Dr. Gastaldi for conditions such as:

* acute or chronic
low back pain - including sacroiliac problems
* acute or chronic mid back pain
* acute or chronic
neck pain
* headaches (tension and migraine)
* pain radiating to arms or legs
* acute mechanical injuries
* acute or chronic overuse related pain syndromes

Dr. Gastaldi's focus is on treatment of musculoskeletal conditions that have strong evidence for the effectiveness of chiropractic care. He uses scientifically sound concepts to evaluate the effectiveness of our treatment for each patient to determine whether to continue care, discharge, or refer to another type of doctor.

Dr. Gastaldi's chiropractic technique draws on very mainstream, scientifically valid examination procedures, including standard orthopedic testing, range of motion assessments, and palpation (both dynamic and static).

He uses very broadly-accepted, mainstream manual adjusting techniques and stationary tables. Dr. Gastaldi is willing to incorporate any scientifically valid physiotherapy procedures that chiropractors are licensed to provide if he feels it may cost-effectively hasten your recovery.

Dr. Gastaldi: "I feel an ethical obligation to do everything I can to help you avoid repeat episodes of your problem or to help you have less chronic pain, which is why I place a high priority on exercise, biomechanics, and other educational preventive measures."

How Long Will It Take?

Conditions are as individual as people. Obviously a 15 year old boy with no health problems will recover faster from a low back sprain, than an 80 year old diabetic, with the same injury. Healing times vary and there are many circumstances affecting your rate of recovery. Years of experience helps our doctors to establish a diagnosis and prognosis specifically for you based on your particular situation, compared to our experiences treating similar conditions. Only a professional can make that assessment. Following your comprehensive history and examination, your chiropractor provide you a written protocol before initiating treatment, thus allowing you to be better informed from the very beginning. Feel free to call us today for a FREE consultation to learn what we are all about.

What Can I Expect When I Visit Forest Hills Rehabilitation?

We consider it a privilege to have the opportunity to assist you in your journey toward optimal health. We believe that a team approach will optimize patient recovery and we are happy to participate. Your treatment protocol will be modified as medically necessary. If you are not seeing signs of improvement within a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on the problem, we will consult with the most appropriate specialist, be it neurology, orthopedics, or pain management.

We have been providing outstanding chiropractic care on Staten Island since 1997. Dr. Gastaldi has achieved the unique status of board certification in electrodiagnostics, and has been called on numerous times as an expert witness for significant court cases.

Dr. Gastaldi's chiropractic and neurology office is easily accessible, accepts all major insurance plans, and offers early morning, late evening, and Saturday hours to fit your busy schedule.

If you have been searching for an exceptional chiropractic or physical rehabilitation clinic, or if you have experienced any of the conditions or symptoms noted throughout this website, you may be a candidate for therapy at our office. Give us a call to find out today...

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If you would like more information about choosing a chiropractor or are looking for an excellent chiropractor on Staten Island or surrounding area give us a call today!

Physical Therapy:

If you have been suffering with pain, injury, degenerative conditions, pre or post-surgical, or have suffered a trauma or sports injury, then you may be a candidate for physical therapy.

Physical therapy and physical therapists employ a variety of techniques such as electric stimulation, ultrasound, heat, ice and exercise to treat their patients..

Chiropractors may also utilize such modalities and exercise techniques to treat pain based conditions, neurologic conditions, sprains/strains, disc injuries, sciatica, etc as they relate to the spine neck and back.

Additionally, chiropractors may provide spinal manipulation / spinal adjustments when indicated which is not a tool available to physical therapists.

Since 1997, Dr. Gastaldi has been integrating physiotherapy tools with traditional chiropractic adjustments to help his patients recover from myriad injuries

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Many of our patients include people with degenerative conditions such as lower back pain and neck pain, arthritis and sports-related injuries, or who have been victims of motor vehicle or work-related accidents.

After obtaining your past medical history and assessing your strength, range of motion, flexibility, joint stability, balance and coordination Dr. Gastaldi will formulate a treatment plan to address your deficits. This information will be utilized to help determine your ability to become independent and regain your role in the community, family or workplace, through education, home exercise programs and a variety of therapy techniques.

Conditions We Treat?

Back Pain - Neck Pain - Shoulder / Elbow Pain

Wrist / Hand Pain - Hip Pain -
Knee Pain

Ankle / Foot Pain - Balance Problems

Pre & Post Surgical -
Neurologic Deficits - Sciatica

Numbness / Tingling - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Arthritis - Work Injury - Car Accident - Sports Injury

What if I don’t like to exercise?

Rehabilitation is more than just exercise and strength training. Dr. Gastaldi treats many different types of conditions and as such, uses many different techniques. Some techniques that he uses include:

Massage - Stretching - Balance Training

Heat - Ice - Electric Stimulation - Ultrasound

Posture Training - Activity of Daily Living

How is Gastaldi Chiropractic Different?

Many offices promise quality care only to find out that after the first visit, you never see the actual doctor again or at least until the next evaluation date.

At this office you will see Dr. Gastaldi at EVERY session, as opposed to the aides or assistants you find at other neighborhood offices.

Provided there are no contraindications you will receive hands-on treatment at every treatment session.

You will also receive active instruction custom tailored for you - not standard hand-out sheets. When you follow through with your therapy plan, you can expect to not only be free from pain, but you will be more flexible, stronger, and healthier than ever before!

We are easily accessible, accept all major insurance plans, and offer early morning, late evening, and Saturday hours to fit your busy schedule.

If you have been searching for an exceptional chiropractor or rehabilitation clinic, or if you have experienced back pain, neck pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, sports injury, car accident injury, or work injury you may be a candidate for conservative therapy at our Staten Island office. Give us a call to find out today...

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Dr. Peter Gastaldi is one of the few practicing chiropractors board certified in electrodiagnostics, NCV and EMG testing.

He has been called on for years as an expert witness and to evaluate the usefulness of neurodiagnostics in noted cases.

He provides in-office neurologic testing such as EMG and NCV.

Neurologic testing is important for proper diagnosis and treatment of pinched nerves,
disc herniation, radiculopathy, sciatica, and carpal tunnel syndrome, and may help diagnose causes of back pain and neck pain.

Signs of neurologic compromise include numbness, tingling, pain, weakness, loss of balance, and dizziness.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, or suspect a neurologic condition, call our office today to schedule an immediate appointment.
Since our start we have been conveniently located at 94 McClean Ave in Staten Island.

We are easily accessible by all public transportation, accept all major
insurance plans, and offer early morning, late evening, and Saturday hours to fit your busy schedule.

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"Best Chiropractor in Staten Island!"

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